Nehal is not only an accomplished counselor but also a talented writer who uses her words to shed light on important issues and inspire personal growth. Through her thought-provoking books, she tackles topics that resonate with readers, providing insights and practical guidance.

"Blue Whale Game" - 2014

Nehal's debut book, "Blue Whale Game," was born out of concern for a growing global issue. When reports of child deaths linked to the online game reached 200 worldwide, including incidents in India, she felt compelled to take action. This Kindle-only publication dissects the Blue Whale Game, created by a young Russian man named Budeikin, who stated he had bipolar disorder. Nehal's desire to raise awareness about this threat to young lives led her to pen this pivotal book, shedding light on a dangerous corner of the internet.

"Surf the WAVES" - 2019

Nehal's book "Surf the WAVES" addresses the unique challenges faced by working mothers in the modern world. Drawing on her own experiences, she understands the daily juggling act of managing professional responsibilities, running a household, and nurturing children, while also finding time for self-care. In this book, she presents the concept of W+A+V+E+S, representing the five qualities every working woman should embody—Water, Air, Vulcan (Fire), Earth, and Space. Her book empowers women to embrace these qualities and learn to surf the challenges of their multifaceted lives effectively.

"From Screen to Sky" - 2020

Nehal's most recent book, "From Screen to Sky," explores the increasing screen time among children and offers practical strategies for finding balance in the digital age. Recognizing the importance of real-world experiences, she provides parents with a roadmap to help their children transition from excessive screen engagement to a deeper connection with nature and the world around them. Through this book, she aims to guide parents in fostering a healthy relationship between their children and technology.

Going forward, Nehal continues her writing journey with two upcoming books. ‘Debug Your Life’ is poised to offer more of her insight into personal development. Additionally, she’s venturing into the realm of fiction with an unnamed novel based on magical realism. Nehal’s future works promise to deliver more of the thoughtful exploration and heartfelt storytelling that her readers have come to appreciate.

Her books are impactful, addressing relevant issues and offering practical guidance to readers. Each book showcases her expertise and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of her readers.

In addition to her impactful books, Nehal has also made significant contributions as a writer, with her articles being featured in various esteemed publications. Her articles have been prominently featured in reputable publications such as Accommodation Times Mumbai, Blasting News UK, Dainik Bhaskar, Navbharat, and Aam Aadmi Magazine. Through these platforms, she has shared her expertise on topics related to parenting, mental health, personal development, and social issues.

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