Empathetic Counseling Solutions for Your Need

Ensuring Privacy And A Safe Space For Open Discussions.

Nehal VRK offers a diverse range of counseling services to support individuals and families on their unique journeys of healing, growth, and transformation. With her expertise and compassionate approach, She provides guidance and support in various areas. 


Healing Therapy

Nehal provides healing therapy to individuals who are seeking support in overcoming past traumas, emotional wounds, and personal challenges. Through a combination of therapeutic techniques and a safe, non-judgmental space, she helps clients explore their experiences, process emotions, and work towards healing and personal empowerment.


Career Counseling

Navigating one’s career path can be both exciting and challenging. Nehal offers career counseling services to individuals who are exploring career options, considering a career change, or seeking guidance in achieving professional fulfillment. She provides support in identifying strengths, clarifying goals, and developing strategies to make informed career decisions.


Parenting Counseling

Parenthood is a remarkable journey filled with joys and challenges. Nehal specializes in parenting counseling, offering guidance and support to parents at various stages of their child’s development. Whether you’re a new parent adjusting to the demands of parenthood or facing specific parenting challenges, Nehal provides valuable insights, practical tools, and support to help you navigate the complexities of parenting with confidence and compassion.


Relationship Counseling

Strong and healthy relationships are essential for overall well-being. Nehal offers relationship counseling services to couples and families who seek to enhance their connections, improve communication, and navigate challenges. Through a collaborative and non-judgmental approach, Nehal helps clients develop effective communication skills, resolve conflicts, and foster deeper understanding and intimacy within their relationships.


Narcissist Counselling

Narcissist Counselling provides essential support for those dealing with narcissistic individuals in their lives. She helps clients understand the dynamics of such relationships, cope with emotional abuse, and establish healthy boundaries. Through empathetic listening and evidence-based strategies, clients can regain self-esteem and navigate these challenging dynamics towards healing.


Domestic Violence Counselling

Domestic Violence Counselling is a crucial service for survivors of abuse. Nehal creates a safe space for survivors to share experiences and emotions, aiding them in recognizing abuse signs. She assists in rebuilding self-worth, developing safety plans, and connecting clients with essential resources and legal support. The goal is to empower survivors to break free from abuse, heal, and build a violence-free future.

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