Counseling Expert

Nehal’s counseling expertise finds its roots in her unique venture, PurpleNest By Nehal, where she has been able to develop and deliver a wide range of specialized counseling services.

With a passion for helping others navigate life’s challenges, she brings a unique blend of knowledge and creativity to her counseling practice.

We provide DMIT Test, IQ and Personality Test, Psychometric Tests, Learning Style Test and more along with the student’s counseling. PurpleNest is collaborated as a frenchise partner with BrainWonders Mumbai.

Unraveling The Hurdles

Life presents us with various challenges that can impact our emotional well-being and hinder personal growth. Nehal understands the complexities of these challenges and is here to provide guidance and support to individuals seeking a path towards healing, self-discovery, and personal fulfillment.

Books by Nehal VRK

Nurturing Personal Growth

She believes in the power of knowledge and its ability to empower individuals on their journey towards well-being. She is committed to equipping clients with evidence-based information, practical tools, and proven techniques that can support them in making informed decisions and confidently navigating life’s complexities.

Fostering Growth and Self-Improvement

Nehal VRK is dedicated to supporting individuals in their personal development journey. She works collaboratively with clients to help them gain self-awareness, develop effective coping strategies, and discover their true potential.

Utilizing a Holistic Approach

Nehal takes a holistic approach to counseling, considering the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. By incorporating various therapeutic modalities and techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and narrative therapy, she tailors her counseling sessions to meet the unique needs of each client. She understands that everyone’s journey is different, and she is dedicated to providing personalized support.

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